Let´s make memories together


EVADIA was born in 2023 with the aim of offering a unique experience in an ecological and socially responsible environment, respecting ethics to generate a great balance between pleasure and positive actions.
We create tours with themes, a variety of activities, destinations, accommodations and adventures that we believe everyone should experience.

Hello! I am Nicolas Kowaleze, founder of EVADIA. I worked for many years in the automotive industry. However, my purpose in life and what I want to share with the world is the pleasure of traveling, getting to know other cultures, languages ​​and landscapes with varied activities and, above all, with respect for the environment of each of our destinations. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

What do we do?

We carry out rich and varied tours all over the world!

In each destination you will find different types of experiences, themes and activities in an all-inclusive format. That is, from the first day until the last day of the tour, you will have everything you need to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

We will take care of the following:

  • Lodging
  • Transport
  • Coordinate activities
  • Guides who will assist you in your language

This “all-inclusive” methodology, plus the wide variety of themes, will give you a lot of satisfaction and unique and unrepeatable experiences.


Promote responsible tourism, highlighting the beauty of each country.
In our community we travel raising awareness about the importance of generating good actions in our destinations, valuing the contribution we offer to the development of each country we visit.
We combine good actions with the pleasure of traveling, really getting to know the place with immersive activities, where you can live with the locals, get to know them, learn their culture, customs and even do activities typical of the region.

First it’s you

We will listen carefully to each of your needs and concerns and we will adapt to the requirements so that you travel with peace of mind.

Happiness and satisfaction

The level of comfort and happiness of our clients during their stay will always be our main indicator. To know this, we will conduct periodic surveys of our travelers in order to improve together.

Positive approach

Our motto for traveling is that the most important thing is to share pleasure and happiness, through positive actions, while we interact with our travel companions, guides and locals at each destination.